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This is a 13-month course designed to give the participants the skills, knowledge, guidance and ability to counsel in the way and instruction of our Lord and Saviour through His Word. It is an online course.


 Programme Modules: 

 Module - Introduction to Counselling  
 Counselling God’s People
 Introduction to Counselling
 Difference Between Coaching and Counselling
 The Purpose of Counselling
 Biblical Counselling vs. Psychological Therapy/Psychiatric Counselling
 Foundation of Biblical Counselling
 The Traits of a Wise Biblical Counsellor

 Module - General Addiction Counselling 
 Understanding the Genesis of Addiction
 Identifying the Root and the Fruit of the Addiction
 Identifying the Pathway of Addiction
 Studies on the Different Types of Addiction

 Module - Overcoming Negative Emotions Counselling 
 Different Types of Negative Emotions
 Dealing with the Big Four: Depression, Anger, Anxiety and Murderous Hatred
 Identifying the Root and Fruit of the Negative Emotion
 Steps to Overcome Negative Emotions

 Module - Overcoming Sexual Dysfunction Counselling 
 Defining the Difference Between Normal Desire and Dysfunction Desire
 Understanding Physical Sexual Engineering
 Understanding Sexual Profiles

 Managing Sexual Desire
 Steps to Overcoming Sexual Dysfunction
 Sexual Dysfunction in a Single Person
 Sexual Dysfunction in a Marriage
 Understanding Libido
 The Difference Between Sexual Dysfunction and Emotionally Induced Sexual Behavior

 Module - Overcoming Grief Counselling 
 Understanding the Pain of Loss
 Helping your Counselee Unpack Their Pain
 Steps to Overcoming Grief

 Module – Premarital and Marriage Counselling 
 Understanding God’s System for Marriage
 Desiring the Difference Between a Systemic Marriage Problem or Skill Marriage Problem or A Character Marriage Problem and The Solutions
 Preparing People for Marriage
 What You Must Know and What You Must Experience Before You Say I Do

 Module - Overcoming Family Crisis Counselling 
 The Dynamic of the Family Crisis
 Identifying the Root and Fruit of the Crisis
 Discerning the Difference Between Different Levels of Trauma and their Effect on the Human Psyche
 Unpacking Family Pain and Conflict
 The Dynamics of Group Solution Counselling
 Steps to Overcome Family Crisis

 Module - Children and Youth Counselling 
 The Dynamic of Applying the Principles of Biblical Counselling to Children and Youth

Module - Overcoming Financial Addiction Counselling
 What is Financial Addiction?
 Discovering the Root and Fruit of Financial Addiction
 Steps to Overcome Financial Addiction
 Financial Spending Profiles

 Module - Overcoming Failure and Scandal Counselling 
 Understanding Private and Public Failures
 Understanding the Difference Between Public Failure and Scandal
 How to Deal with Failure and Scandal
 How to Deal with the Circle of Relationship Opinions and Public Opinions

 Module - Overcoming Suicide Counselling 
 Understanding the Root of Suicide
 How to Make a Life-Changing Intervention
 Understanding the Suicidal Persona

 Module - Navigating the Crossroads of Life Counselling 
 Understanding the Crossroads of Life
 Understanding the Seasons of Life
 Helping People Discover God’s Best for Their Lives
 Helping People Made Hard Decisions

 Module - Dealing with Incest, Rape, Violence and Sexual Abuse Counselling 
 Principles of Confidentiality
 Protocols of Reporting to the Police and Authorities
 Principles of Rebuilding the Abused Soul and Persona
 Soaring Above Abuse
 Dealing with Abuse and Violence

Who Should Attend?
 People in Pastoral work who give counsel to people
 Ministers of the gospel who give counsel to people
 Social Workers
 People seeking to enter into Christian Counselling
 People seeking to understand Biblical Human Psychology

 You will learn how to provide solutions to the problems of people through Biblical counselling.

 You will learn how to become an agent of healing to the hurts and wounds of humanity.
 You will learn how to accurately diagnose the needs of people and offer accurate scriptural prescriptions.

Fees: $650.00 US

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