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The School of Political Visionaries is designed to equip and develop a critical mass of political visionaries with the tools of wisdom to sculpt their nations with dignity and greatness. The text used in this programme is called “The Political Visionary” by H.E. Ambassador Dr. Andre Thomas.


 Programme Modules: 

 Module - Understanding and Leveraging Your Genetic Leadership Design 
 Determine Genetic Leadership Intelligence
 Determine whether the Primary Leadership intelligence is:
(a) Strategic
(b) Logistical
(c) Tactical
(d) People Development
 Determine Core Leadership Product - what key competencies they bring to their leadership roles.

 Define the best methods participants can utilize to connect and influence people based on the analysis.

 Module - Dynamics of Political Leadership 
 A comprehensive study on the art and science of fulfilling a transformational political vision.

 Module - Leading Policy Creation 
 Equip participants on how to lead a good policy creation process in their governmental organization.

 Module - Dynamics of Leading Governmental Organizations: 
 Understanding Organizational DNA.
 Learn the Art and Science of building high performing teams.

 Module - Leading Nations into Economic Dignity 
 The secrets of political leadership that creates high performing economies.

 Module - Campaign Leadership 
 This module will teach the principles methods of running an impactful,
culturally intelligent political campaign.

Who Should Attend? 
 People who aspire to bring about positive change to the nation through political office.
 Existing political leaders who want to develop their expertise and become transformational leaders.
 Senior Civil servants who want to learn how to bring positive change to Public Service.
 Those seeking to run for political office.

 You will learn the principles and secrets of the great political and economic change agents in the last 100 years.
 You will learn how to launch a career in politics.
 You will learn how to run a political campaign.
 You will learn the secrets of transformational political governance.

Fees: $500.00 US

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