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Develop the minister in you with an Associate Degree in Ministry Leadership


Our purpose is to equip people to mine the goal in them by taking them through a process of internal exploration, extraction of the gifts, ideas and solutions within them, refinement and then display and serving their God-given gifts to the world.

Is designed to equip and designate chaplains.

Our purpose is to equip participants with the skills, knowledge, guidance and ability to counsel in the way and instruction of our Lord and Saviour through His Word.

Our purpose is to raise up a mass of
spiritual and pulpit leaders that will restore and preserve the dignity, sacredness, power and influence of spiritual authority and usher the church into a glorious state.

Our purpose is to equip and raise up a critical mass of political visionaries with the tools of wisdom to sculpt their nations with dignity and greatness.

Is designed for singers, psalmists, worship leaders, musicians and minstrels. Our school will take your God given gift into greatness and excellence. Creating the platform to spread your music locally, regionally and internationally.

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Apply Now!

General Information
You can apply to attend any school of The College of Visionaries at the start of the
course or throughout the duration of the course. You complete your course when

you complete all the modules associated with your course.

Application Process

  1. Click on the link below, Apply Now and fill the application form.  

  2. Choose the program you would like to attend. You can apply to more than one school. 

  3. After your application have been received, you will be emailed an acknowledgement of your application receipt.  

  4. The application will be reviewed by Admissions. 

  5. When a decision is made you will receive notice of your success of acceptance.

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